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  • About XTOPIA

    XTOPIA is an integrated online suite of solutions that works incredibly well with your website.
    Whether you are an online entrepreneur, IT Strategist or a Sales Guru, it's the perfect suite for your job!
    • XTOPIA is an integrated online suite of business-ready software
      that is built by a team of dedicated Internet Business Practitioners
      to fast-track your website project
    • XTOPIA is a web-suite comprising of 5 core modules built as the
      Internet Operating System for Business
    • We have clients from a cross segment of industries in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Italy , USA and Maldives.
  • Products

    Mix and match from 5 core products that suit your needs best!
    Now you can focus on your business goals without having ever to look behind.
    Rotate Me!
    Monitor and manage your online store performance at your fingertips!
    Automated newsletters at the click of a button and real-time customer tracking reports.
    Get insights to visitors needs and manage incoming leads automatically.
    Increase customers outreach and encourage engagement with surveys and polls.
    Gain competitive advantage and enhance productivity with this simple online publishing tool.
  • Users

    XTOPIA focuses on the number one priority to create a great online experience for the customers.
    Now you can finally be rewarded with more business, brand loyalty and ultimately brand advocacy.
  • Package

    • user
    • site
    • subscibers
    • send limit (monthly)
    • Lite
      Indivduals &
      Small Businesses
    • 2
    • 1
    • 2,000
    • 4,000
    • Professional
    • 5
    • 2
    • 10,000
    • 20,000
    • Enterprise
      Large Group
      Colloboration & High
      Traffic Websites
    • 10
    • 10
    • 30,000
    • 60,000
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